Laser Head
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Laser Head & ObjectWorks Software

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Laser Head

Laser Head

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ObjectWorks Software – optional

Shapeoko 3 Spindle Mount

Shapeoko 3 Dewalt Spindle Mount – optional

Shapeoko Mounting Plate

Shapeoko 3 Z Plate Mount – optional


Product Description


This includes the Object Works software to drive our laser head. We optionally provide a 2 or 3 watt  laser heads. The color of the laser beam is violet at 445 nm. The provided software supports image rastering and vector cutting. Image processing supports the following file types BMP, JPG, PNG and GIFF files. Currently we only support SVG file formats for vector cutting, but plan to add support for both DXF and AI files in future versions of the software.

Laser Power:

We offer to models a 3 watt laser and a 2 watt laser make sure to select your desired option from above.


This product page allows you to optionally select software at a reduced price, Our laser can be used with software other then the Object Works software including Ink Scape’s Plugin to generate GCode.
This extension is opensource and can be downloaded her from GIT Hub, the link is below.
Ink Scape Laser Extension

This is a link to a blog that was written by Shapeokos resident blogger Winston Moy. This was the state of the product prior to our Kickstarter.
Laser Ink Independent Review by Winston Moy

While we provide our laser as a hardware only product we highly recommend the software. So make sure that you select the software option above.

Laser Mounting System:

When ordering if you have a Shapeoko 2 then there is no need to purchase a mounting system. The shapeoko 3 does require the purchase of an additional mounting system. We offer 2 mounting systems a mounting system the attaches to the “Z Plate” this system requires the removal of the spindle and spindle holder. A more convenient system is the Spindle mount which allows the user to mount the laser to the spindle, with the spindle mount it is not necessary to change the router out when doing laser work or vice versa.

Eye Safety:

Proper eye wear is not optional for these lasers we require you to acknowledge this during the checkout procedure. While we do not sell eye protection, below you can find a link to our recommended provider.

Eagle Laser Glasses

Be careful when buying cheap glassed from China many will not provide the needed protection required for these 445nm lasers.

FDA Regulations:

Our laser heads our sold as add on kits for the Shapeoko CNC and are governed under Laser kits with regard to FDA regulations.


Additional Information

Laser Head


2 Watt, 3 Watt


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